What Are the Awesome Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dec 12, 2022

From 2015 to 2016 alone, the prevalence of dental implants in American citizens grew by 5%. That trend continues even now as more Americans become aware of the incredible benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth; their benefits go beyond the cosmetic. From restoring your smile to improving your oral health, there are various ways dental implants can benefit you. Read on to learn what dental implants are, why people get them, and how they can benefit you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been around for centuries, with the first recorded dental implant occurring in 300 A.D. Ivory, shells, and even human teeth comprised ancient dental implants.

These primitive dental implants were often placed into the jawbone of the recipient to replace a missing tooth. Some cultures secured the implant with gold or metal wiring.

Implant dentistry has come a long way since its ancient beginnings and continues to evolve. Modern implants are made of a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone. This post acts as an artificial root to support a prosthetic tooth.

Innovations in implant material and techniques have allowed for better outcomes than ever before. Today, there are many dental implant options to suit a range of needs. From traditional implants to mini implants, patients can choose the right choice for them.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Depending on your dental plan, implants can be a costly procedure. Therefore, one might need an excellent reason to dole out the money it takes for implants.

Everyone has different priorities. So, it’s essential to understand the many reasons to get dental implants so you can make a sound decision. Some of the most common reasons why people choose to get dental implants are:

  • Replace missing teeth due to decay, trauma, or injury
  • Improve the appearance of the smile and boost self-confidence
  • Restore biting and chewing abilities compromised by tooth loss
  • Provide a permanent solution for a missing tooth or teeth
  • Preserve facial structure by preventing jawbone loss due to missing teeth
  • Prevent shifting other teeth into the missing tooth or teeth space
  • Restore a natural look and feel with the help of implant dentistry

Dental implants are a safe procedure with a low risk of failure. You can enjoy lasting results with improved dental health and a beautiful smile with suitable dental implant options. Several dental implants are available, so consult your dentist to find the best option.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

The process of getting dental implants begins with a consultation. You’ll speak with an implant dentist about what you’re experiencing and why you want an implant. Often, consultations are free.

Then, the dentist will look at your case, and they may perform a quick exam. Then, they’ll tell you what types of dental implants might suit you. You’ll also learn how much the implant will cost at this juncture.

Some implant procedures will require you to take antibiotics before the appointment. Be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions regarding any prescription medication.

Otherwise, you need only to prepare for the procedure by brushing your teeth and having a positive attitude. Optimism is good for recovery from any procedure.

During the procedure, the dentist makes a small incision in the gum. Then, they insert a titanium post into the jawbone. This post serves as an anchor for the artificial tooth that will be placed over the implant post.

Dental implants may take several months to heal completely. During that time, follow the aftercare steps provided by your dentist and call them if you experience a dental emergency. After the procedure, your dentist will advise you on the recovery process.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a range of benefits that one cannot ignore. Of course, one of the most enticing of these is restoring natural-looking teeth to your smile. However, not all implants happen in the front teeth.

Dental implants can still benefit you even if you have a missing or rotting back tooth. Not only do they help prevent bone loss in your jaw, but they also keep your face from changing shape due to missing teeth. Let’s review some of the fantastic benefits of dental implants.

Increasing Bite Force

When your teeth fall out, you may experience trouble chewing. Dentures can help but cannot replicate the same bite force as natural teeth. That’s because dentures are external and not rooted in your jaw.

On the other hand, implants connect to your jaw via a titanium rod. Titanium is among the strongest metals known to man and serves as a comparable replacement for a natural tooth root. So, a dental implant will help restore your lost bite force.

Provide Support For Other Teeth

Even though your teeth have finished growing, they can still shift. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth have no support. That’s why adults can still find success with braces.

After a while, those teeth may begin converging into the missing space. This shift can cause a domino effect throughout your mouth. A dental implant fills that gap, so your teeth stay in place.

Simple, Hygienic Care

The alternative to dental implants is dentures. However, dentures are notorious for being difficult to care for. Plus, you must buy special hygiene products for denture upkeep.

Implants require the same level of care as your natural teeth, including regular dental cleanings. You can brush them with your favorite toothpaste and floss them for maintenance.

Avoid Face Shape Changes

Teeth support your lips and have an impact on the way your face looks. Going without teeth is almost guaranteed to change the shape of your face. This even happens to people who wear dentures because they take them out too frequently due to discomfort.

Dental implants are a comfortable solution to this problem. Once you have an implant, you’ve reinforced your facial structure. And since you can’t take implants out, you don’t have to worry about falling into bad habits like with dentures.

Learn More About Dental Implants Today

The benefits of dental implants go beyond self-image, though your confidence is still enough of a reason to explore implants as an option. If you’ve been missing teeth or have damaged teeth, implant dentistry can be a great option to consider.

Toothologie can help you explore your dental implant options and learn more about the types available. With the correct procedure and care, you can experience a beautiful, strong smile that will last for years. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about getting dental implants and how they can improve your oral health and confidence.